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I would have added my other pet’s noise in the tittle bu what sound does a tarantula make?  I also have 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Cat 1’s name is Tasha, cat 2’s name is Sir Capaechio.  Tasha was given to my dad by a friend from his old apartment because she was the runt.  She is 13.


I know my family wishes I would write something so here it is.

Code name Blue devil

You have probably have passed a car dealership and seen a nice corvette in the front of the lot.  You think if only I had a nice corvette.  Maybe you know someone who has a Corvette.  You might even make up excuses so you can ride in it.  You might tell them “we should carpool it helps the environment and my car is messy lets use yours.”  But now there’s a new corvette.  Code named the blue devil it was just given a name- ZR-1. 


Hello I am Qwerty. I am Qwerty because it is easy to type.  If your fingers are at your keyboard look at the keyboard if not look at your keyboard.  If you do not have a keyboard hop in your car and by one.  As I was saying, unless you have an ergonamical keyboard you probably have a Qwerty keyboard.


testing 123

Hi mom!